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Hi, I'm Jared. When I am not cycle touring, running, or rock climbing you will find me in front of my computer working on my latest project. My love for the outdoors is only trumped by my love for custom WooCommerce integrations. I built my first website in 1997, and after graduating with a BSc in Computer Science from Otago University I worked customizing e-commerce sites before leaving the comforts of New Zealand for Asia. These days you will find me working from Sofia, Bulgaria, utilizing my full stack developer skills to build bespoke WordPress themes, WooCommerce extensions & API integraitons.

Contact Details

Jared Mitchell
Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Jared was simply amazing. He went above and beyond and thought of things we never considered which improved the product. Very thorough, quick to respond, and did amazing work. I will be working with him again. If you're considering hiring Jared, stop considering and hire him already!

    Codeable Client
  • Jared went above and beyond what was expected, he was very helpful. Look forward to working with him again soon.

    Codeable Client
  • I had a really odd request for a custom pricing solution by a client that I couldn't handle since it required functionality not found in WooCommerce or any other addon. Jared quickly saw any potential issues with my case and found an elegant solution to it. He worked efficiently and was pleasant to work with. Top notch all around.

    Codeable Client
  • Jared replies to emails very quickly and is great to work with. He does a good job.

    Codeable Client

Custom Plugins

Woocommerce API Integration

https://www.narusa.com 2016

Custom Plugin and API integration of Buddy Press, Sugar CRM, Woocomemrce and Woo Subscription - User accounts were synced both ways between WP and Sugar CRM.

Woocommerce Pricing Plugin

http://shop.russeservice.no 2016

Custom Woocommerce plugin that calculates and updates the the price based on the characters entered by the customer.

Wordpress Plugin

Custom Wordpress plugin to pull in data from a stock exchange API and display in table format using shortcodes.

Woocommerce Plugin Extension

http://www.aussieproducts.com.au 2016

Woocommerce plugin extension of WooCommerce Australia Post to pull and display insurance costs for orders.

Woocommerce Plugin Extension

Integration of Snapcx tracking API for an improved customer experiences.


Here are just a few of the skills I use in my daily project work. There is always room to learn more, but I have yet to come across a Wordpress or Woocommerce problem that cant be solved.

  • WordPress & Woocommcerce
  • CSS / SCSS / Html5
  • Jquery
  • Twig Templating
  • WP/Woo Rest API Integration
  • Custom API Integration


University of Otago

Bachelors in Computer Science 1998-2002

After initially starting off studying Engineering and Physics I made the move to IT and computer science where I found my passion. Otago University boasts great teaching informed by great research, using state of the art facilities.


Portland Web Designs

Senior Engineer 2018 - Present

In charge of custom WooCommerce and Middleware integration with external company software.

Rack Simply LLC

Lead Web Developer and API Integration Specialist 2016 - Present

I am currently in charge of the implementation of Rack Simply's Ecommerce division.


Lead Web Developer 2015 - Present

Custom WordPress / Woocommerce plugin development. API Integration, and general systems administration.


Codeable Expert 2016 - Present

Chosen to be one of Codeables handpicked developers where I continue to work mainly on custom plugin development for an array of clients.

CodePilot (formerly Datafly)

Senior Engineer 2015 - 2017

Custom WordPress theme development, plugin extension, framework integration

H2 MediaLabs

Systems Administrator & WordPress Developer 2015 - 2016

Capistrano deployment integration with a WordPress Bedrock framework and Twig templating. Often called upon to extend the current themes functionality.

Gum Auctions LLC

Operations Manager / Director July 2011 - Present

Custom designed and developed gumauctions.com which is a fully functional e-commerce site that I currently run. I personally take care of online customer service/support, supply negotiations, site upgrading and maintenance, annual financial reporting, and other duties involved with this business.

Albany Street Pharmacy

PHP Developer, e-commerce daily operations manager 2001 - 2004

Daily management of the pharmacies internet business, supervision of immediate staff, stock control, credit card handling and fraud control, dispatch of goods, online customer service, creation and maintenance of websites and supplier negotiation.

Stuff I'm Studying

Between projects I like to play with the latest technologies and integrate into the world of WordPress. Currently my own custom WordPress stack uses Docker container technology with Varnish and Nginx all rolled up into a couple of Capistrano deploy scripts.

  • Docker
  • ReactJS

Upwork Testimonials

  • Jared is fantastic, really top notch. When it comes to WordPress/WooCommerce development, there is nothing I have thrown his way that he wasn't able to resolve. This guy is nails.

    UpWork Client
  • Jared is an absolute wiz! He was able to handle very complicated WordPress and WooCommerce changes that many others deemed impossible. I would definitely like to work with Jared again.

    UpWork Client
  • Once again Jared came to the rescue and did a great job. He is great to work with, a good communicator and really knows what he is doing.

    UpWork Client
  • Once again Jared handled an emergency situation with great speed and professionalism.

    UpWork Client
  • It was only a small job but Jared treated it as his No.1 priority. He communicated well and worked to ensure that I was entirely satisfied before signing off. Jared has a good knowledge of WordPress and Woo Commerce and added value to the original assignment.

    UpWork Client
  • Very talented and took time out of his personal schedule to meet our deadline. Provided some great advice, answered all questions and offered additional ideas. Will definitely hire again! Thanks for the hard work.

    UpWork Client

Contact Jared Mitchell

Thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio. Should you be interested in hiring my Wordpress or Woocomerce expertize you can either contact me via my email below or hire me directly by choosing from Codeable or Upwork.

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